Your child is doing well if he or she is

//Your child is doing well if he or she is

Your child is doing well if he or she is

September 24, 2018
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Parenting young kids is one of the best phases of life. Rather than stre

ssing yourself too much, enjoy this phase by showering love and care on your child. You are your child’s idol, follow the right path and they will be just next to you.

Progressing in height and weight

Keep a track of their height with a scale at home and measure it yearly. Kids on average grow 1-3inches yearly. Don’t assume they are growing, weigh them, be sure that they are increasing in both weight and height.

Not falling ill frequently

If your child has a good immunity and can resist a common infection like common cold and cough, viral fever etc. means you are providing your child with the best nutrition. I know kids who look pretty healthy but fall ill every month.

They may be low on vitamins rich in antioxidants like vitamin A, E, C, and Zinc or their diet could be more of carbohydrates and less of proteins hence they require a guided diet analysis. Some kids may look big or small depending on their genes hence size is not a good factor to measure health.

Is physically active

Children are supposed to be power packed and full of energy. It’s time to check your child’s nutritional status if there is a sudden drop in your kid’s activity. On the other hand, your child may be hyperactive if consuming too much sugar or junk. Hyperactive kids lack concentration and find difficult to follow instructions. You may need medical guidance and a diet plan for such kids.

Is happy

A well-fed kid will have low stress level and fewer anger outbursts. If your child is fun-loving and happy then be satisfied.

Has good digestion

A strong gut is a good factor to consider checking whether the food consumed is well digested and absorbed. Frequent diarrhoea or constipation is a sign to improve eating habits.


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