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Why is Maziwa Mala good for your child’s stomach?

//Why is Maziwa Mala good for your child’s stomach?

Why is Maziwa Mala good for your child’s stomach?

October 4, 2018
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How often does your child suffer from a stomach ache, diarrhoea or even constipation? School going children often munch on junk and end up having upset stomachs. If your child often has an upset stomach then we definitely need to work upon the child’s gut health.

Our gut consists of a mixture of gut flora. Some are good where as some are bad. For good digestion, you’ll need to maintain a right balance between your child’s good flora and bad flora.

Habits like washing fruits and vegetables before consuming, personal hygiene, covering your bowl of food and drinking clean water are some basic habits that are practised by most families. These small habits do make a big difference, however, sometimes the bad bacteria in the gut overgrows and affects our children’s health.


When bad bacteria affects a child’s health, we generally tend to give the child antibiotics (prescribed by the doctor) to try and get rid of the bad bacteria. The antibiotics flush out all bacteria; the bad bacteria along with the good bacteria, and because of losing the good bacteria the child’s gut health becomes very poor.

When a child’s gut is unhealthy, he or she will get frequent indigestion, vomit, complain of acidity and moody. A healthy gut improves a child’s mood dramatically!

Make a habit of ensuring that the meals in your house promote good gut health, and grow good bacteria.

Recent research has attributed throat cancer to Mursik, we’d advise you to replace consumption of Mursik with Maziwa Mala and Yoghurt.


We thank all those who commented on this post, and brought attention to new risks associated with Mursik! We have removed Mursik from the list of recommended foods, until better alternatives of the “charcoal” used to ferment the milk are established. Research has shown that high levels  of acetaldehyde found in Mursik may contribute to esophageal carcinogenesis, a type of cancer currently concentrated in the Rift Valley. 


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