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Happiness = Pleasure & A Life Well Lived

It has remained difficult to define and challenging [...]

Fight or flight? Stress consumes a lot of energy!

Stress hormones help to stimulate a person’s brain. [...]

The shot that gives energy, let’s not talk about it lol.

A number of shots of some hard liquor [...]

Skipping meals drains your Brain, unable to think and work.

Do you sometimes feel as though even when [...]

Don’t you just hate it when they call you Fat?!

In 2012 a five-year-old girl was taken into [...]

Exercise is good for your weight reduction, improved digestion & a good poop!

Although exercise is good for weight reduction, improved [...]

Are you using energy or losing energy?

The law of conservation of energy states that [...]

Energy in your body: How to generate & replenish it

  So how does your body convert the [...]

This is why you should sleep more.

Poor sleep can affect your ability to recognize [...]

Why you should learn a new language!

Learning a second language is good for your [...]

The pain of success in Kenya; peptic ulcers and stress

A thunderous applause went through the conference room of the [...]