Things That Can Affect Your Sexual Satisfaction Level

//Things That Can Affect Your Sexual Satisfaction Level

Things That Can Affect Your Sexual Satisfaction Level

December 4, 2018
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Quality of foreplay and emotional connection

Research has stated that an event packed and highly emotional intense foreplay helps to build up the level of chemical substances in the brain that enhance the overall sexual satisfaction. In fact, surveys have shown that those who engage in short time sexual activities like “quickie” without a proper foreplay tends to be dissatisfied with their experience in such sexual encounters.

Novelty and variety of sexual activities

Research has consistently found that people who incorporate the most novel and varied acts into their sex lives tend to be the most satisfied, such as trying new positions or using sex toys. Trying new thing in bed stimulates the brain differently and makes the brain feels more satisfied. After all, who does not get bored of the same old routine?

Relationship length

Do you feel like your partner is no more ‘doing it” well? Well, research finds that sexual satisfaction tends to increase throughout the initial period, usually the first year of a relationship, and typically starts to decline after that. Scientists think this pattern can be due to fact that we learn more about our partner’s likes and dislikes and how to please one another during the first year, which makes sex more adventurous, exciting and thus sexual satisfaction rises. After the first year, however, sexual frequency, and excitement start to decline as we have already explored all possible adventure with our partner and thus satisfaction begins to drop.


It is no more news that sexual desire and urge decrease with age. Sexual satisfaction also tends to decline, as we get older. However, what makes sex satisfying also changes in senior citizens. Particularly, the quality of sex becomes more important than quantity in the older peers. It’s also important to note that even though sexual satisfaction declines with age, older adults are still satisfied with their sex lives.

Spooning and cuddling after sex

What people do after sex seems to impact their sexual satisfaction. Specifically, research finds that couples who engage in more post-sex affection ( acts like spooning and cuddling) tend to be happier with their sex lives—and that’s true for both men and women. This may be due to the continuous production of the “love hormone” (oxytocin) during cuddling.

Moaning and groaning during sex

Who does not like the moaning sound of their partner during sex? Research finds that people (men and women alike) who make more noise during sex tend to be more sexually satisfied. This is likely because sexual noises are a form of communication that helps your partner better understand what you do (and don’t) like. Also, the harmonious sexual sound stimulates the brain and can add to its excitation.


Raising a child can make a couple feel so blah in the bedroom! When people (including both same-sex and different-sex couples) have children, the sexual frequency, urge and affection tend to drop. Perhaps not surprisingly, sexual satisfaction tends to decline as well. Studies show that once a child or more is involved in a relationship, the couple’s attention, love and care shift from their partner to the baby thereby causing friction in their sexual life.


Several studies have found a link between higher levels of porn use and lower levels of sexual satisfaction. Many have therefore concluded that using porn is bad for our sex lives. However, the story isn’t quite so simple. Recent research has found that the link between porn and lower sexual satisfaction only exists for men—and, further, only men who are very religious. In other words, porn is only linked to lower sexual satisfaction when the people using it feel morally conflicted about it.


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