The Role of Exercise in Sex

//The Role of Exercise in Sex

The Role of Exercise in Sex

September 24, 2018
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Exercising (active lifestyle) is the best type of lifestyle any human can adopt; it’s not just good for our overall wellbeing, but also for our sex life. Different studies show that exercise has enormous positive effects on sex. We will reveal the importance of exercise to our sex life.

Exercise keeps you fit

First and foremost, exercise helps humans to keep fit. Our primordial nature was designed for constant activities and not an inactive lifestyle. By nature and design exercise helps us keep fit, and improve our overall wellbeing. Also, exercise helps us to maintain body shape and size that is crucial in disease prevention. Finally, exercise helps to prevent obesity.

It helps to build stamina and flexibility 

Exercise helps to build stamina, endurance and gives us a flexible body. Scientists have several explanations for exercise in improving your sex drive. First, endurance exercise like swimming boosts your stamina. Second, you can become more flexible through aerobic and gymnastic exercise.

Also, exercise like yoga helps to train the body to be flexible. A flexible body can adapt to many sex style and positions! Similarly, more endurance will help humans to be sexually active for a longer time (can go for hours of coitus).

It builds a strong pelvic muscle for sex

Exercise like kegel helps to build strong pelvic muscles that play a big part in sex. First, the pelvic muscles take part in orgasm via involuntary contractions that help in ejaculation of sperms & semen in men; and squirting in women. Another use of kegel is in people with bladder incontinence; it makes the muscles around the urethra and at the base of the penis stronger; this helps to retain the urine in the bladder (bladder control).

Third, women who do kegel and have strong pelvic muscles can accommodate the penis better in their vagina and able to enjoy more sexual pleasure. Finally, the exercise of any type can prevent you from cramping up during orgasm.

It produces endorphins and increases libido

To begin, according to a 2008 study exercise causes the release of endorphins into the limbic and prefrontal areas of the brain. The increased level of endorphins may cause the hormones to build up that powers libido. Endorphins also reduce stress, which is a major sex drive inhibitor.

According to a study, women who just exercise were more aroused from seeing an erotic film than those who didn’t exercise. This means that even after one workout session, your body gets aroused faster and more intensely. Another study shows that men who exercised frequently have more sex, perform better sexually and are happier with their sex lives than before they start to exercise.

It helps to build your self confidence

Exercise provides a psychological boost, as well. Regular exercise leads to a higher self-esteem. As you become more fit, you feel more confident and enjoy sex more. Also, it’s believed that exercising also puts you more in touch with your physical body and enables you to feel more sexual, as opposed to the sense of detachment you have if you are ashamed of your body.

In conclusion, exercise is not just important physically, but also mentally, medically and sexually. There is no better time for a romantic “showdown” than after a couple’s exercise session!

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