The ”Jungle Fever” of a Black Man

//The ”Jungle Fever” of a Black Man

The ”Jungle Fever” of a Black Man

September 24, 2018
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” ‘Jungle fever’ means once you go black, you never go back”! This slang that its original meaning stands for a white lady who is sexually involved with a black guy and can’t get enough of the black dick. This type of interracial sexual attraction is as a result of the preference of a black guy to a white guy by a white lady. The size of manhood determines a lady’s preference.

Does the size of manhood matter? The debate of ‘large penis versus small vagina’ is arguable. Below, I will try to clarify few things about the importance of a size of the sex organs from a neutral point of view. First of all, a rather large and long penis will occupy the vagina, increase surface area in contact with the vaginal wall and increase the stimulation of the sensitive parts of both the vagina and the penis.

Such stimulation induces euphoria; enhance sexual pleasure and complete sexual gratification in both male and female. However, this doesn’t mean that the penis must be large notwithstanding the size of the vagina. There are two fundamental conditions needed to elicit adequate sexual pleasure in humans. They are the proper fitting of the penis in the vagina and the sufficient surface contact between the vaginal wall and the penis required to generate sexual stimulation.

The above conditions can be meet by maintaining a balance between the size of a penis and the vagina in three ways. Firstly, the proportionate size of the penis and the vagina which fits perfectly. Secondly, a loose vagina and a rather large penis to fit in it. Lastly, a rather small sized penis and a tight vagina. In summary, a couple must maintain proper fitting of their sexual organs for them to derive pleasure from sex and it’s both partners duty to attain that. Guys, the next time your lady says your ”willy” is small, tell her to tighten her thing up!

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