Sex for exercise and foods that beef up your sex energy

//Sex for exercise and foods that beef up your sex energy

Sex for exercise and foods that beef up your sex energy

September 13, 2018
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Sex is one of the best types of exercise due to which you get relief from stress, stay stress-free and get good sleep. Nowadays people are living a stressful life. And this would be such a good medium to relieve the stress when enjoyed with a loved or at least ‘liked’ one.

There are many reasons for tiredness. Some are scientific reasons – oxytocin, vasopressin, and prolactin hormones are released in men after sex. Oxytocin and vasopressin hormones give the feeling of relaxation in men, so they fall asleep almost immediately, don’t blame them, it’s the hormones in them.

During sexual intercourse, more calories are burned in men as compared to women, which causes this tiredness. It is also because some people, mostly women, chose to receive rather than participate in sex. Women who are active in bed tend to get more benefits from sex than those who are not. In sex, releasing of hormones after an orgasm is a good sign. It means you don’t have any sex-related disease.

Don’t take it negatively if you are getting a good sleep after sex. You will feel the tiredness until the prolactin hormone in the body gets active. Prolactin hormones are what re-energize the body.

If you do regular exercise, then your body will remain active, you will feel less tired and your whole day schedule will end on a positive note. This is especially so if you pay attention to your diet, then your body will remain fit, you will stay active, feel less tired at the end of the day.

Are you wondering what foods are encouraged to beef up the energy?

Pumpkin Pie – there’s another reason to eat Malenge even though it’s not so popular. A study has found out that the smell increases arousal by 40 percent in men and a little less than that in a woman. So your pumpkin pie might literally turn both him and you on. You will be surprised how good it tastes. Let us know if you need a recipe for this!

Watermelon contains a lot of phytonutrients lycopene, beta-carotene, and citrulline. The first two are good for your heart, which means there is an increase in blood flow. This is good because it means the energy is being transferred effectively through your blood, and there is an increased flow of blood to the erection or clitoris. Citrulline relaxes blood vessels which is basically what viagra does. So maybe you should start thinking of watermelon as basically a form of Viagra; enjoy some in the evening, rather than just eating it when the sun is up and you’re at work.

Avocados – In the 16th-century avocados were actually banned in Mexico because they looked so much like male testicles and were too sexual. I guess they’re some similarity to hanging balls. Well, avocados are good for your heart, and as we mentioned before if it’s good for your heart to pump that blood, meaning it’s good for arousal. Avocados are so good for you in so many other ways also – eat them plain, with a little salt, or pair them with basically anything else.

Oatmeal makes for a comforting and warm breakfast during the chilly days of fall and now you have an extra reason to chow down on it: Oatmeal naturally boosts testosterone, which is very important for both male and female sex drive and ability to orgasm. it is full of a large engine, an amino acid that has been used to treat erectile dysfunction. Along with other whole grains, oatmeal will also give you a big boost of energy. The question is how we can start eating it for breakfast and using it for meals we can have in the evening too.

Spinach, Sukuma Wiki and other green leaves like Arugula have always been known as a sexual powerhouse. Eating dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, and swiss chard is good for sexual health because the vitamins and minerals in them help absorb some containment that is thought to negatively affect sexual health. You should basically think of them as little sex superheroes.

Figs are good to eat for better sex. In all seriousness, though figs have always been known for their ability to boost fertility. They’re also really good for your heart and act as an aphrodisiac. Mpe miti!!

Asparagus it is loaded with folic acid which doesn’t sound exciting but actually increases our histamines in turn, making it easier for both men and women to have an orgasm. Folic acid is also very good for women who want to get pregnant.

Honey – Studies have shown that boron, a mineral found in honey, may enhance blood levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for promoting sex drive and orgasm in both men and women.  Additionally, boron helps the body metabolize and use estrogen. Use honey to sweeten ginseng tea, which boasts high concentrations of ginseng.

Oysters are on this list.  Most of us Africans laugh at the thought of eating this slimy seafood off a shell…only spiced up with pepe. This is why we put it as the last so that you can know you have many other options other than Oysters. Abeg! don’t spoil your appetite for sex! We don’t want you sneering at him because of the sight of the oysters. Anyway, shellfish are packed with minerals that are critical components of sex hormones and are also vital for optimal brain and nervous system function. In particular, holsters are a rich source of zinc which helps nourish the prostate gland and boosts testosterone production.

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