Penis Power!

//Penis Power!

Penis Power!

September 24, 2018
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The penis is an appendage hanging in the lower part of a male’s body between a man’s thigh. A penis is the primary sex organ of a man (man’s pride). The penis is designed to penetrate and fits into the vagina in order to generate sexual stimuli in a female. Also, A penis is an excretory organ that helps to eliminate urine from the body.

Penis power is the rating of the impact of a penis in the vagina. In other words, penis power is the ability of a penis to satisfy a lady sexually in penetrative sex. A proper penis size, shape and effectiveness is vital to a man’s sexual life. The large sized and shaped penis gives a man self-confidence and vice-versa. We live in the world where men are continually under pressure to satisfy their partner.


A recent study and survey show that many ladies don’t care about the penis length; preferably, they want it thicker. O yes! The thicker, the better! According to the survey, a short and thick penis is far better than a long and thin penis. Aww! Ladies like it large!

Also, the survey shows that a lady first prefers skills (how well can a man use his “willy” to browse her “deep blue sea”) to a large penis. Of what value is it for a man to have a huge penis and doesn’t know how best to use it. It’s like a train without an engine! So, a guy having a big penis is not enough; you have to learn how well you can fire your “gun”.


According to the survey, the shape of a penis is of less importance than the size of the penis. However, a study reveals that a specific pattern of the penis helps to excite G-spot (an erogenous zone in the anterior wall of the vagina), and will increase the overall sexual pleasure in a female. There are different patterns of a penis shape; examples of these shapes are a straight penis, curved penis (upward or downward banana-shaped) sideward curved penis.

The downward banana shaped penis in a “missionary” sex position would stimulate the G-spot of a lady’s “flower garden”. On the other hand, the upward banana shaped penis will have a similar effect on the G-spot with “doggy style” (from behind). Overall, no shape is better than the other, it all depends on the man’s knowledge of sex positions and finding the one that best suits him.

In conclusion, the penis comes in different shape and forms (embedded with much power), but for a man to unleash the power of a penis and satisfy a lady sexually; he must be skilful. The knowledge of sex skills and positioning is the key!


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