Nutrients & exercises to strengthen the vaginal wall

//Nutrients & exercises to strengthen the vaginal wall

Nutrients & exercises to strengthen the vaginal wall

September 24, 2018
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In the recent times, the attention is turning to the size of the lady-garden. There is not much research about the female size down there. The most recent studies and research were in 2005 and 1995 respectively. The reports say that the average vaginal length is 9.6 cm (3.78 inches). Seriously? O yes, seriously! Also, the average vaginal diameter is 2.1 to 3.5 cm (0.83 to 1.38 inches).

Nevertheless, the vaginal wall has an elastic ability and can expand or contract to allow the passage of the penis, foetus and any other things that penetrate it. The contractibility of the vaginal wall is possible because of the surrounding pelvic muscles. Vaginal contractions are an involuntary type of muscular response to sexual stimulation, including sexual arousal and are commonly most intense during sexual intercourse and orgasm.

The strength of muscular contraction reduces with age and corresponds to the dilation of the vaginal wall. Also, the vagina can slack after childbirth and may not return to the previous size; this is the reason for a Vaginoplasty (a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a slack or loose vagina) after delivery or in menopausal women.

Aside from surgery, the other remedy for a loose vagina is kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscles across all ages and increase sexual enjoyment, spontaneous excitement, gives women stronger orgasms and more sexual pleasure. Also, foods that contain nutrients like zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and multivitamins will help to build healthy pelvic muscles and improves sexual activity.

Examples of the foods are green veggies, meats, milk, eggs, soy sauce, soya beans, beans, fruits, legumes, fish, seafood-oysters, almond, nuts/seeds, cheese, yoghurt and poultry products. These foods when combined with kegel works like magic and will give you the sexual pleasure and gratification you’ve always wanted.

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