Is Alcoholism Treatable?

//Is Alcoholism Treatable?

Is Alcoholism Treatable?

October 1, 2018
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Yes! Alcoholism is a treatable condition. Currently, there are many rehab centres for alcohol addiction programs and therapies in every country.

There are different forms and stages of treatment available based on the severity of alcohol abuse. It takes commitment to practice and apply the techniques you learn in rehab, counselling, support groups and other types of therapy.

The stages of treatment for alcoholism are listed below. If you’re about to seek help, or have a loved you wish to assist, this is the process he or she will go through.

Detoxification Stage

The first stage in alcoholism treatment is detoxification. This phase needs the help of medical professionals due to the potential for serious, painful withdrawal symptoms. Often, individuals are given medication to help relieve the painful side effects of withdrawal.

Rehabilitation Stage

There are two types of rehabilitation that help treat alcoholism: inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehabs are intensive treatment programs that require around the clock surveillance for about 90 days.


The recovery process doesn’t end with the completion of rehab. Long-term sobriety requires on-going therapy and may entail support groups, counselling and other recovery resources.

Nutrition also has a role to play in treating alcoholism. Nutrition therapy for recovering alcoholics generally follows the following tenets:

  1. Reduced dependence on simple carbohydrates – This is because simple carbohydrates are quickly converted into sugar in the bloodstream, just like alcohol. Therefore, the consumption of these carbohydrates results in the same blood sugar peaks and drops caused by alcohol which can create a desire to drink.
  2. Consumption of high protein foods – This helps to control blood sugar cravings especially when the high protein foods substitute the complex carbohydrates. Also, the amino acids present in high protein foods are important for brain function. Glutamine in particular is important for reducing cravings.
  3. Increased intake of essential fats – These include the unsaturated fats, the most well known examples being the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids found mostly in fish, nuts and seeds. These fats are important for recovering alcoholics because fats generally are metabolized steadily over a long time and this helps to stabilize blood sugar levels


Remember! Though few bottles of alcohol are normal, excessive drinking and high rate of drinking is not just dangerous for your health but can make you get addicted to drinking.

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