Hypertension, how it affects your work and how to manage it better

//Hypertension, how it affects your work and how to manage it better

Hypertension, how it affects your work and how to manage it better

October 1, 2018
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In general, there is minimal impact on work when hypertension is well under control. However, some patients may have side effects such as dizziness and weakness or disturbance of their mood and work, especially during the initial stage of treatment.

Treatment aspect

Most of the drug for hypertension can cause dizziness, weakness, and other uncomfortable side effects that affect the quality of work. Before taking these drugs, consider whether you engage in work that is inherently hazardous, where your safety (or that of others) can be affected. Seek medical advice about the best drug for you, don’t just use what is recommended at the pharmacy.

Take some rest, have a diet that is good for managing stress.

Complication aspect

Hypertension may cause complications such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, renal failure and pathological changes of the arteries in the retina, which may affect working abilities.

Therefore, patients with hypertension should have regular follow-up consultations with their attending doctors so that any complications can be diagnosed and treated early and appropriate advice on safety and health at work is given.

This is how you can manage your hypertension

  • Have a balanced diet with food that is low in sugar, salt and fat, and high in fibres.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain ideal body weight
  • Take adequate rest.
  • Have regular follow-up consultations to monitor the blood pressure level.
  • Quit smoking and avoid alcoholism.
  • Take time to relax and exercise regularly. Swimming, taking a walk every day and spending time with friends will help to reduce your stress level from time to time.
  • Taking a break from work through a sabbatical leave, or vacation will help to refresh your body and to wears off the accumulated stress.

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