How to exercise your brain

//How to exercise your brain

How to exercise your brain

October 4, 2018
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The more we use our brain, the sharper it becomes. Being smart requires you to use the brain in a way that makes you shaper.

Bongo lala phenomenon only applies to those who refuse to challenge and use their brains.

It requires you to exercise the brain’s perception, comprehension and response. Take time to sit and think deep into a matter. You can start by allowing yourself to ask why frequently and engaging your mind in deep thought about big innovative ideas.

Repetitive brain exercise is the key!

Keep your brain working and busy by engaging it in games and tasks every day. There’s a restaurant in Westlands (Nairobi) that has invested in creating an environment where people can socialize, while playing games, challenging and exciting their brains in the presence of friends, a good meal and drink. It’s called Bao Box.

These kinds of social settings allow you to sharpen your brain in a fun environment. We need to spend more time playing games, so next time you see that hustler on the street selling Scrabble and Monopoly games, pick both and get some friends together for a game night.

Lastly, follow the advice we have given you on eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet will improve your brain’s functioning and make it sharper. You need the right nutrients for that.


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