How language affects your thinking

//How language affects your thinking

How language affects your thinking

September 28, 2018
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You think in words and pictures, but mostly words. If you have 5 words in your brain, your thinking will be limited to five words – now that’s an incentive to read!

We normally take the statement, “You guy should go back to school,” very lightly. Rude as it may be, this statement touches on brain growth and development.

Language is a symbolic communication system. It’s not only vital for communication, but also for structuring our inner thoughts.

Language processing uses different areas of your brain that act together through functional systems that involve the left hemisphere. We could talk about two cortical regions that are in charge of expression, and of receiving these words in the left cerebral hemisphere.

That’s why you must read widely. Not just the news, but also fiction to trigger your imagination. Read some technical papers to challenge your brain to think harder, and try and learn a new language. Make your brain make sense and create new associations from using a new language to relate to known objects and actions.

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