Happiness = Pleasure & A Life Well Lived

//Happiness = Pleasure & A Life Well Lived

Happiness = Pleasure & A Life Well Lived

January 25, 2019
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It has remained difficult to define and challenging to measure happiness, because it’s very subjective. As scientists, we aim to guide you, and find a way to handle this concept.

Aristotle stated that happiness can be usefully thought of as consisting of two fundamental aspects: pleasure and a life well-lived. Pleasure (hedonic) and eudaimonic(life well lived) have been found to cohere  in happy people. Our biggest source of happiness is found in the moments we spend with others. It could be  sharing a meal or conversation, playing soccer with friends, or even going out.

We shall be sharing a whole series on happiness, and how to trigger your hormones and actions to increase your level of happiness.  We also belive it’s time some of you learnt how to enjoy pleasure.

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