Foods that will help your child nourish gut microflora.

//Foods that will help your child nourish gut microflora.

Foods that will help your child nourish gut microflora.

October 4, 2018
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The health of your child’s gut is very important for his or her digestion, mood, and even brain performance! Here are some foods you can use to nourish your child’s gut microflora.

  1. Mursik and Maziwa Lala – Maziwa Lala and Mursik are cultured milks that are made up of lactic acid bacteria cultures. The difference between these fermented milks and yoghurt is the temperature in which they ferment at, yoghurt ferments in higher temperature of 38 – 45C. These milks have good levels of the good bacteria that will strengthen the gut health of your child.  
  2. Onions – Yes, this under-rated simple vegetable is not only rich in a lot of vitamins but also contains polyphenols that help in flourishing the good microbes.
  3. Yogurt – Chose the real yoghurt, one that says it has probiotics. The fermented milk product is an excellent probiotic drink. Make sure it’s unflavoured and without sugar for maximum benefits. Be careful with it if your child is lactose intolerant. Be careful what yoghurt you buy,
  4. Banana – This widely available all-season fruit contains inulins. Inulin is a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria to grow and flourish.
  5. Garlic- Not only a pod of garlic looks like your stomach but it also works miracles to protect your gut health. Just make sure you chop or crush your garlic and keep it for 5 minutes before consuming as the beneficial compound in garlic called allicin gets activated after some time.

These simple, inexpensive foods can help your kid stay away from frequent digestion problems . Just get your child used to the foods at an early age to get the most out of it.

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