Facts about Sexual Response Cycle That You May Have Never Heard Before

//Facts about Sexual Response Cycle That You May Have Never Heard Before

Facts about Sexual Response Cycle That You May Have Never Heard Before

November 8, 2018
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SRC is the entire cycle of humans response to sexual impulses compri

sing of four major phases: libido or desire, arousal or excitement phase, orgasm and the resolution or refractive phase. These sum up the entire sexual experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 facts about SRC you probably do not know.

  1.     SRC has no fixed or specific time frame.

   The entire SRC can last a few minutes, hours, days and even months in different people and different conditions. A prolonged desire phase may be due to lack or low libido and thus to raise the popular question, ” howling is too long without sex?”

  1. Sexual libido can accumulate over time.

   The desire & urge for sex tends to increase within the time between two sexual encounters. Studies and surveys show that this strong urge can make people to make drastic sexual decisions such as casual sex. A very popular term for the strong libido amongst the people of West Africa is called “konji”  that’s similar to a withdrawal symptom of any kind of drug or habit abuse. Thus, increasing the urge to get laid by all means. “Konji na bastard” is a phrase coined from Nigeria Pidgin English that denotes the irrational actions of a rational person under the influence of “konji”. That’s is a typical example of the cumulative effects of sexual desire.

  1.   The excitation phase is the moment of truth for real men.

   Every lady loves a man who can last longer in bed! The arousal phase of SRC is the period of constant sexual stimulation mostly through genitals till orgasm. For men, this is the most challenging phase of SRC because of a woman’s demand for longer penetration time due to the discrepancy in the time taking to attain orgasm between men and women. For men to prove their manliness, they must last longer in bed in order to satisfy their mistresses or risk losing their dignity as real men! 

  1.     Arousal depends on the sensitivity of the 5 sense organs.

Who does not like the gentle caressing from one’s partner? or the moaning sounds of sexual “ringing tone”? or the deep sexual feeling of French kissing? or the erotic fragrance smell that complements erotic moments? Or the sexy image of one’s partner that makes one goes nuts? All of the 5 senses help to stimulate the brain during SRC and individual sensitivity plays a vital role in the amount of excitement to be derived from a sexual encounter. The sensitivity level of different sense organs differs in groups of people such as women; touch, smell and sound; men, image, and touch; blind people are more sensitive to sound, and touch etc. Similarly, the distribution of erogenous zones on the body differs from person to person with the exemption of genitals. Weak spot, the extragenital zone that triggers the highest sexual response in people, may be located in the groin, neck, around the ear, nipples, mouth and even legs etc. The better understanding of you and your partner’s weak spot and sense organs sensitivity will give strong arousal and improve sexual gratification.

  1. Orgasm is a nerve reflex.

   Studies show that the act of orgasm is a subconscious sexual response of the brain to heighten excitation, which is control by the autonomic nervous system, the part of the brain that manages all subconscious body function like heartbeats and bowel movements. The examples of reflex nature of orgasm becomes evident in unconscious sick people, who can achieve orgasm by proper stimulation despite being in a coma or deep sleep. Similarly, studies show the possibility of orgasm in the dead people during the early post-mortem hours in response to proper sexual stimulation or in brain dead people.

  1.    Orgasm can be achieved in people with spinal cord injury.

   We all know that people who suffer spinal cord injury may not walk and even maintain a sexual erection or any kinds of genital stimulation again in their life. The good news is that the body naturally compensates for such disability by concentrating an erogenous zone anywhere at the level above the injury site that is capable of generating just the same stimulation like that of genitals. For all our disabled friends who want to give up on their sex life, please exploit more of your erogenous zone and get back your sex life

  1.     You can trigger orgasm by your thought and mind.

   While body stimulation through the 5 sense organs is the major way of attaining orgasm, nonetheless, the mind and thought is a very powerful orgasm trigger and can stimulate the brain more than physical stimulation. No wonder sexual fantasy adds flavour to a sex life and the power of imagination and thought can give you an unforgettable orgasm. It’s a common practice nowadays that some women all over the globe achieve orgasm through non-sexual stimulations such as thought, and meditation.

  1.     Multiple orgasms are possible in women.

   Some women are capable of a rapid return to the orgasm phase with further sexual stimulation and may experience multiple orgasms. Reports tell us about several few cases of women with “status orgasm”, a multi-orgasmic state in which each orgasm occurs immediately after the previous one resulting in a non-stop orgasm. Contrarily, men must relax after orgasm for some time before they can achieve another orgasm even if the stimulation continues.

  1.     More than 80% of women fake their orgasm during sex.

   It’s a common practice for women to fake their orgasm during sex in other to make their male partners think that they’ve done a good job. Women why now! Studies show that in a larger percentage of times, women do not attain orgasm during sex and were never satisfied with the sex, and yet the fake the orgasm for two reasons. First, to save the man from the shame of not being able to satisfy his mistress. Secondly, to save themselves from the shame of being label sick or abnormal, especially in women who have never had an orgasm before or in a very long time despite constant intercourse.

  1.     The sense sexual satisfaction occurs in the resolution phase

   Sexual gratification is the overall stimulation of the brain’s satiety centre and can be attained through all the phases of SRC. Nonetheless, the refractive phase is marked by a general sense of well-being and calmness. Never confuse sexual gratification with the sense of good feeling that is felt in the resolution phase, because its possible to feel good and yet not satisfied with the overall sexual encounter.  

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