Fight or flight? Stress consumes a lot of energy!

//Fight or flight? Stress consumes a lot of energy!

Fight or flight? Stress consumes a lot of energy!

September 28, 2018
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Stress hormones help to stimulate a person’s brain. These hormones increase the blood sugar level by converting stored body fats into sugar, converting stored body carbohydrates (glycogen) into sugar, and converting other non-carbohydrates like protein to sugar.

When you are stressed, your body consumes a lot of energy!

Basically the stress hormones increase the production of energy in all of the body cells.

In order to produce this energy that is consumed, you must break down glucose, to release hydrogen which combines with oxygen in the cells.

The energy produced in this process is used to make ATP, a high – energy molecule, which the cells use as energy. This process is known as  “Oxidative phosphorylation”.

The increase of energy metabolism and activation of the sympathetic nervous system provides the energy and instinct required for responding to danger, to fight or run for your life, which is the natural design of stress! Your body reacts as though you are in deep danger, and need to fight or run. Stress can take a toll on your health in various ways.

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