5 Ways You Can Activate Your Partner’s “Mumu Button”!

//5 Ways You Can Activate Your Partner’s “Mumu Button”!

5 Ways You Can Activate Your Partner’s “Mumu Button”!

November 21, 2018
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Have you ever asked your partner for something that he/she constantly says no to? Or are you looking for a way to calm your partner down when he/she is upset? Just like the other aspects of life, a relationship is not different, and you might need to play a little mind game sometimes for you to get what you want. As the saying goes, “use what you have to get what you want”.

And oh! Just before I continue, I know some of you are pondering about “mumu button”. “Mumu button” from the root words “mumu” and “button”, meaning foolishness or stupidity button! This is a popular slang from Nigeria pidgin English that means a person’s weak spot, when properly triggered, will make him /her foolishly or stupidly grant any request that is asked of him or her. In other words, the things you do to people especially your partner, which make him/her stupidly grant any request that he would normally not grant or has previously rejected.

As Nigerian women would say “every man has a mumu button. All you need to do is know where your husbands is and know when to push it.” Although this applies to both men and women, its mostly used by women.

Here are 5 classical ways you can press your partners “mumu button”.

  1. Food

Mostly applied to men, which man does not like a good home cooked meal? According to the popular saying that ” the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, a good meal can make a man foolishly grant you your will without any other efforts. However, the honour goes to the favourite meal of every man and not any food. The best food for a man is his childhood favourite meal, as this brings back good old memories. There is no better time to tell a man your request like when he just finished a mountain of food he claims tastes like his Mama’s own!

  1. Romantic gestures

Applied to both men and women, but mostly men. Romantic gestures have been used by women since the beginning of age to lure men into doing things they don’t want to do. Such gestures may include the use of sexy ‘baby-girl’ voice, sexy clothing, curvy or sexy body shapes, flirting etc., to manipulate men to do stuff for them stupidly. The term ” man na man” connoting “men will always be men”, fits into the context of romantic gesture. For example, every man would want to stop and give a sexy lady standing by the roadside a lift. So if you ever wanted something from your hubby, dress and act sexy and kinky in the bedroom and your wish will be his command!

  1. Sex

Although closely related to romantic gestures, however, sex is a common “mumu button” in men, during sex, a man thinks with his penis and not his brain! There is no better time to ask a man your wish like when a man is about to penetrate your “ladies flower” or after great sex because he will not think before agreeing to your request.

Sex has been a major power and stronghold that women have over men, even the strongest of men fall victim to women’s control through sex. So women if you want something from your man, all you need to do is before he gets home is to have a luxurious scented bath, put on your sexiest dainties and wait for him in bed and after a rather exciting night of sex, whatever you want shall be given to you.

  1. Gifts and Money

Applied mostly to women, gifting sweeps women off their feet! Gifts such as money, sophisticated ornaments, flowers, chocolates and any other deluxe items are the “mumu button” in women and can change a lady’s mind instantaneously. As a man, if you want something from your woman, surprise her with the most luxurious item she longs for and your wish is fulfilled.

  1. Care and special attention

Applied to both men and women. Showing that you care and special attention to how your partners day went is all you need some time to get your wish. Most times people tend to forget how important care and attention is as a manipulative tool to get their wish done and they think other tools like sex, food, gift etc. are superior to care. To tell you the fact, in a case where all other tools fail to work, showing that you care will not fail. For example, in Africa women try to compete and manipulate a man to marry them by using all other “mumu buttons”, but end in futility! Because what men truly want is someone who pays attention genuinely cares about them, their career, future and ambitions.

In conclusion, everyone “mumu button” is different and all you have to do is to find your partner’s own and explore it whenever you need to. Remember even the most stonehearted partner has a weak spot when you look closely and pay a detailed attention to them.


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