5 things that can increase the bond between a couple

//5 things that can increase the bond between a couple

5 things that can increase the bond between a couple

November 16, 2018
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Love is the bond between lovers in a relationship, and its necessary to 

build this bond in order for love to grow. When you first start dating someone, you spend a lot of time getting to know him or her. Going on date nights, asking questions, spending and having fun together helping to build the bond for love to grow.

So if you’re feeling a little too connected to your cell phone, television, work etc., and less connected to your partner, how about you do some of these bonding activities.

  1. Holding hands 

There is no better way to start bonding than by holding or locking hands. Holding hands builds the connection between two lovers by causing the secretion of chemical substances like oxytocin, pheromone etc., which make the couple feel loved, comfortable & safe around each other. It also forms an important element of public display of affection (PDA). So guys, if you want to break the barrier between you and your crush, start by holding his/her hands!

  1. Kisses

Everyone loves kissing! There is no better way to bond emotionally and spiritually with your partner other than through romantic kissing. Kissing is magical and intimate in nature; no wonder the first kiss is an important landmark in any relationship. Also, everyone remembers their first romantic kiss and even wants it to be amazing. Deep kissing involves the exchange of saliva, chemical substance, and even stimulates erogenous zones in the mouth, tongue, and lips. All these build intimacy, closeness, and love physically, emotionally and spiritually. A study shows that increasing the frequency of kissing in marital and cohabiting relationships results in a reduction of perceived stress and an increase in relationship satisfaction.

  1. Massage

Nothing relaxes the body like a massage! Either full or partial body massage is essential in building the bond between partners.  Massages coupled with a romantic atmosphere relax the body, build a bond, reduce stress and is a good foreplay initiator, especially erotic couple massage! Imagine coming home from work very tired, and your partner gives you a romantic stress relieving massage. You would ask for more every day! Even a simple massage of your partner’s legs while watching TV in the living room can build the romantic bond between you two.

  1. Cuddling and spooning

“I go Love o” a pidgin slang that is used by couples who practice public display of affection (PDA) is the dream of every lover. Cuddling and any other form of physical contacts cause the production of cuddle hormone and pheromones that make the bond stronger. Cuddling shows the level of intimacy in any relationship and helps to build an unbreakable bond between lovers just like that of legendary fictional characters ” Romeo and Juliet” or “Jack and Rose”.

  1. Quality time

This is the key to a successful relationship! Any activity that you and your partner participate in and engage your undivided attention, is good for fun and gets you closer to your partner. Quality time includes date nights, playing romantic games, chatting, sex chatting, seeing movies etc. An engaging and productive time spent with your partner makes the bond stronger through knowing your partners past, present and future.

Fun fact, it’s important to note that even though sex is a very important part of an intimate relationship, but also an expression of intimacy and love. Remember, you can have sex with someone whom you never loved, and you can love someone whom you’ve never had sex with!


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